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Ian Gloude

A blog written by Ian Gloude, who works on Flipgrid @ Microsoft.
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4 Steps to Self-Hosted Fonts in Gatsby

October 17, 2019

Here's the easy 4-step process I used to implement custom fonts on this blog.

Hiding Things with CSS

October 04, 2019

A quick overview on ways to hide content with CSS

A word on Sass @extend

August 05, 2019

@extend is a powerful SASS tool that helps keep your code nice and dry, but it can have drawbacks if used incorrectly.

Simple Site Containers with CSS Grid

May 14, 2017

Here's a way to leverage CSS Grid to make pulling content in and out of your page's container a breeze.

Git update-index --skip-worktree, and how I used to hate config files

June 01, 2016

An update-index use-case for managing local changes to config files.